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Founded in 1996, Mortgage Network, Inc. is one of the most experienced mortgage brokers in the Chicagoland area.  We simplify the process of buying, selling, and financing real estate, thereby improving the experience for all involved parties.  Our mission is to provide the best products, support and services to our clients.

We are confident that the clients who faithfully place their trust in our company receive proven integrity and reliability in return. Jim Hasek, President of Mortgage Network, Inc., has been actively originating residential mortgage loans since 1992.  Jim’s diverse experience and knowledge of the mortgage process and available products enables him to educate his clients first and foremost while paying attention to the objectives of his client.  This results in an efficient and successful path to homeownership.

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Jim Hasek

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What My Clients Say

"Jim was very helpful with the purchase of my first home. He was there to answer questions 24/7 every step of the way, and made the process seamless. I highly recommend him for all your home mortgage needs."

Kellen Cohn

 Jim did an excellent job securing and coordinating the loan for a rental property that my wife and I purchased. His attention to detail and ability to keep us informed throughout the process as well as supply us with a competitive rate made everything very easy. I would use Jim again without reservation.

Tim S.

Jim has helped me on more than one occasion when: 1) purchasing a new home, and 2) refinancing with the old and new homes. I've never had a problem. Everything went well, as we all hope, and I don't think there were ever any surprises. I'd recommend Jim to help you with your next new mortgage or refinance and you'll come back when you need another. I did! Thank you Jim for making it easy!

Robin Snyder

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